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Volume 25 | 20 Nov – 26 Nov 2023

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Introducing the 25th edition of The PEP Weekly Digest, where we present to you the most recent updates and news on the global political stage.

Recent and upcoming elections influence the worldwide political landscape in eight nations, slated between October 29th and December 20th. These elections hold significant importance, as they will determine the direction and governance of each respective country’s future.

One noteworthy event has occurred in South Africa, where Thembisile Majola has resigned as Director General of the State Security Agency.

Shifting our focus to Cayman Islands, where Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has been appointed as new Premier of the Cayman Islands.

In Nigeria, Olayinka David Afolabi has been appointed as new Acting Chief Judge of Osun State.

In the realm of regulatory affairs, The United States Treasury Department’s Cybersecurity Office shared guidance to shield consumers from scams and fraud. Their advice emphasizes sticking to trusted sellers, staying vigilant with unexpected calls or emails, and regularly checking credit card and financial statements.

Shifting our attention to legal advancements, In Australia, Ex-NSW Labor MP Milton Orkopoulos who lured boys for sex with drugs and money sentenced to further 20 years in prison.

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