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Our Vision

To hypercharge accessibility to RegTech solutions powered
by Data Assets in deep Partnership with
clients, providers & users

The Story Behind Our Name - ZIGRAM

Throughout the history of mankind, only a handful have made the impact in the world
that we see today. ZIGRAM’s foundation is a homage to some of these people


Founder of the Stoic School of Philosophy

Issac Asimov

Finest Writer & Creator of Science Fiction

Galileo Galilei

Astronomer, Physicist, and Engineer, known as a Great Polymath

Ramanujan S.

Famous Mathematician with almost no Formal Training


Founder of the Roman Empire and Pax Romana

McCarthy, John

Computer Scientist known as the ‘Father of Al’

Our Unique Proposition

Integrated RegTech Stack

We are one of the fastest growing Data Asset companies in the world focused on building and managing a fully Integrated RegTech Stack ​


Data Asset products built in-house, either in partnership with other players or wholly managed, with subscription, application or API based access

– Solutions For Specific Use-cases
  • Sanctions
  • Country Watchlists
  • ICIJ Watchlists
  • Shell Companies
  • PEPs
  • AML Penalties
  • Adverse Press
  • Crypto & VASP’s
Applications created by using multiple technologies including automation, analytics, machine learning and AI to help build Data Assets
– Solutions For Specific Use-cases
  • API
  • Batch Processing
  • Monitoring
  • Scoring
  • Name Screening
  • Case Management
  • Configurable Projects
  • User Workflows

Deploying experienced resources, subject matter experts and specialists to execute projects and operations for Data Assets, AML & Risk

– Solutions For Specific Use-cases
  • Case Support
  • Onboarding Support
  • Delivery Support
  • Point of Contact
  • Research
  • Disambiguation
  • EDD Reports
  • Case Support

Our Capabilities

Applications with domain expertise and cutting- edge technologies including
automation and machine learning

Our People

Our pillars of guidance and support, who help us in every endeavour

Abhishek Bali

Chief Executive Officer &

Rahul Pagare

Chief Financial Officer &

Anujeet Verma

Customer Success

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