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Ethos CEO, NBA fraud, UBS Trail, Cryptocurrency Laundering, FMC Corporation, HealthCare Fraud

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Welcome to our weekly newsletter that provides you with the most recent updates and insights regarding AML, financial crime compliance, and emerging risks.

This week we begin with the CEO of a San Diego financial firm facing charges in a loan scam, alleging fraudulent activities in the lending process. Furthermore, we shed light on former NBA players found guilty in a multimillion-dollar insurance fraud scheme, detailed in Insurance Business Magazine,

In another story, after a tax fraud conviction, UBS is set for another trial. Moving on the US Justice Department announces the arrest of three individuals involved in a complex bank fraud and cryptocurrency laundering scheme.

Moving forth, FMC Corporation investors receive a securities fraud notice from Berger Montague, providing information about a lawsuit against the company. Lastly, the Justice Department announced the conviction of pharmacy owners and a doctor in a USD 145M health care fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion case.

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