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AML Basel Index 2023

Published Date:

The 2023 Basel AML Index reports a global rise in money laundering and terrorist financing risks, with the average risk level increasing from 5.25 to 5.31. The index evaluates 152 jurisdictions based on 18 indicators across five domains, highlighting deteriorating scores in corruption, financial transparency, public accountability, and legal/political risks. A record 25 additional jurisdictions met data requirements. Notably, the effectiveness of global AML/CFT systems, per Financial Action Task Force data, declined from 30% to 28% in two years. Key challenges include the misuse of non-profit organizations, beneficial ownership transparency, weak supervision, prosecution, and measures against weapons proliferation. Compliance issues persist with new technologies and regulating non-financial businesses. Jurisdictions meeting data criteria under FAFT methodology are included in the Basel AML Index.

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