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Quick Scan To Identify Customer & Third-Party Risk

Dragnet Alpha

Intelligent Online Content Monitoring SaaS Platform for Enterprises

AML Penalties

The Most Extensive AML Data Platform, for Professionals, Organizations & Regulators

Data Asset Builder

Most Advanced PEP Data Asset focused machine learning and automation platform for large teams

Shell Companies

A comprehensive data asset consisting of profiling, relationship and association building of shell companies across countries for the purposes of risk, due diligence & compliance

Suspected Shell Company (SSC) is a legal entity that possesses no significant assets, or employees and does not perform any significant operations.

Based on the collective information from multiple countries and intergovernmental bodies, the ZIGRAM team has identified a set of 3 criteria/typologies to determine if a company is an SSC.

With the increase in an estimated economic loss of USD 500-600 billion by shell companies in a year, the purpose of the deck is to provide organizations with a scalable and comprehensive solution to detect, prevent and manage risk.