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Quick Scan To Identify Customer & Third-Party Risk

Dragnet Alpha

Intelligent Online Content Monitoring SaaS Platform for Enterprises

AML Penalties

The Most Extensive AML Data Platform, for Professionals, Organizations & Regulators

Data Asset Builder

Most Advanced PEP Data Asset focused machine learning and automation platform for large teams

Politically Exposed Persons

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Data Asset developed with detailed information on associations pertaining to entities and individuals.

An individual who currently holds or previously had a prominent position is referred to as a politically exposed person (PEP). Numerous PEPs occupy positions that could be exploited to commit additional predicate crimes like corruption or bribery or to launder illegal funds.

PEP Data Asset aims to screen, identify and act on high-risk customers, using a risk-based approach per the global regulatory standards. By Criticality of identifying PEPs, businesses can be equipped to comply with AML laws and regulations for Banks and Financial Institutions.

The rapidly changing regulations, screening & due diligence process on high-risk customers, and risk-based assessment requirements drive for a more comprehensive and structured PEP data asset.