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Paul MacDonald

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This week, we highlight the case of Paul MacDonald, a Football player from Heart of Midlothian Football Club of Scotland, United Kingdom, who was sentenced for drug trafficking and money laundering.

MacDonald concealed drug money in safe houses in Glasgow, generating an estimated monthly income of GBP 02 Mn from cocaine transactions. He also planned to acquire luxury watches and a property in Spain. Macdonald and his accomplice, allowed their residence to serve as a storage for the illicit funds. MacDonald discussed buying and selling expensive watches and purchasing a GBP 250,000 property in Spain. In March 2019, MacDonald and Craig Balloch also participated in a drugs handover in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire. In April 2020, a search was executed where GBP 444,560 hidden in bags, envelopes, and packages were found. GBP 146,750 was found at a second property. MacDonald and Balloch were arrested in November 2021.

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