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Binance, Opta, Capita, ESG, DiBiase, SEON

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Welcome to our weekly newsletter focused on providing you with the latest news and insights on risk, AML, regulatory technology and financial crime compliance. Let’s delve into the latest happenings in different fields.

First and foremost we talk about the investigation of Binance being carried out by the Brazilian authorities for allegedly violating a “stop order” by offering cryptocurrency derivatives. Next, we have a piece on how Alphabet merges with Google Brain and DeepMind to advance towards general AI development and compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Then we have another article on how the Enforcement Directorate in India has seized assets and bank accounts of a real estate company, Agrani Homes over alleged fraud. Moreover, cyber insurance provider At-Bay has launched a new InsurSec solution for SMBs to centralise risks and provide support to mitigate and respond to threats.

Furthermore, Former wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr. has been charged with fraud for allegedly misappropriating federal funds in Mississippi welfare scandal. And finally, we have a piece on SEON’s ‘Global Cybercrime Report’ which has provided data-driven scores for 93 countries, highlighting cybercrime impact and risk areas. Europe leads cybersecurity efforts.

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