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6 Key Highlights – Bad Actors Act, India Biometrics, Tax Fraud, Crypto Regulation, DCHL, COVID Money Laundering

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Welcome to our weekly newsletter focused on providing you with the latest news and insights on risk, AML, regulatory technology, and financial crime compliance.

This week, we begin with how United States Senator Kennedy takes action with the introduction of the ‘Tracking Bad Actors Act’ aimed at safeguarding American investors from financial fraud and deception. Next, we have an article on how India leverages face biometrics to tackle fraud in voting and mobile registration processes, enhancing security and accuracy in identity verification.

Thirdly a British individual who is extradited to Denmark faces charges in a tax fraud case, highlighting international cooperation in combating financial crimes. Furthermore, a US lawmaker references SEC lawsuits as part of the discussion on establishing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Moving forth, the ED arrests two promoters and an auditor of DCHL in a bank fraud case involving money laundering. Lastly, we have a piece on a man in Metro Atlanta who received a sentence for participating in a money laundering conspiracy involving proceeds from COVID-related fraud

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