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ZIGRAM silver sponsor of Fintelekt AML/CFT 12th Annual Summit (India) 2023

“It’s a matter of pride for ZIGRAM to host the Fintelekt AML/CFT 12th Annual Summit India 2023, an event that is of significant importance for professionals in the AML and FCC ecosystem.”

— Abhishek Bali, Co-founder and CEO of ZIGRAM

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, May 11, 2023: ZIGRAM, a cutting-edge Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Financial Crime Compliance (FCC), and Emerging Risks, was pleased to co-sponsor the esteemed Fintelekt AML/CFT 12th Annual Summit (India) 2023. This summit has established itself as a renowned platform in India and Southeast Asia in the AML and FCC space.

The conference featured top experts from the Banking Sector, Financial Institutions, and Regulatory Technology domains. It provided an opportunity for the AML/CFT compliance community to delve into emerging trends and engage in meaningful conversations on AML and Regulatory Risk. The keynote speaker for this year’s summit was Shailesh Thakur, the Additional Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit – India.

The Summit acted as a forum for professionals, where they engaged in thought-provoking panel discussions, debates, and speaker sessions. Among other interesting sessions, Abhishek Bali, CEO of ZIGRAM, spoke on “Transforming Risk – From KYC to KYX”, specifically addressing the shift from Know Your Customer to Know Your Everything and it’s evolving nature of risk.

About Fintelekt:
Fintelekt is a prominent organization specializing in intelligence, research, and advisory services for financial crime and compliance. They foster collaboration among industry professionals, regulators, and policymakers to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes. The annual Fintelekt AML/CFT Summit provides a leading platform for AML/CFT compliance professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss emerging trends, and enhance their understanding of regulatory requirements and best practices.

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