Worldometer, Satellite Images, Alt Data for Credit Scoring, 9.1 Mn Users, Thomson Reuters & AI for Background Checks

This week we begin with an article about the aggregation website called Worldometer, which has gained popularity during the pandemic and caused confusion in international test rankings for COVID-19. The next piece is about Stanford tracking poverty levels over time using satellite images and deep learning algorithms. Then, we cover how alternative data could be leveraged for credit scoring to provide borrowers with easier access to loans while protecting the interests of the lenders. The next story is about the discovery of a database of 9.1 Million Zoomcar users for sale on the dark web. The following story is on concerns regarding Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR software, which is reportedly being used to track and arrest migrants on a large scale. Finally, we cover the growing use of Artificial Intelligence enabled background checks for employment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has catapulted one mysterious data website to prominence, sowing confusion in international rankings

On April 28, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez stood alone on the stage of a bright but empty briefing room. As a CNN reporter asked a question via video link, the prime minister looked deep in concentration, scribbling notes and pausing to look at the monitor only once. As he launched into his answer, he looked directly into the camera to boast about Spain’s Covid-19 testing volume.

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Stanford uses AI scans of satellite images to track poverty levels over time

A new AI tool can track poverty levels in African villages over time by scanning satellite images for signs of economic well-being. The tool searches the images for indicators of development, such as roads, agriculture, housing, and lights turned on at night. Deep learning algorithms find patterns in this data to measure the villages’ wealth.

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BankThink Alternative data could be lifeline for consumers needing credit

Two bills recently introduced by House Democrats as part of broader coronavirus relief efforts aim to protect consumers by placing a moratorium on negative credit reporting.

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Database Of 9.1 Mn Zoomcar Users On Sale On The Dark Web

An independent security researcher has discovered a database of 9.1 Mn Zoomcar users being sold on the dark web by an anonymous hacker. The database includes sensitive user data like name, email, phone number, IP address and encrypted passwords. 

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Thomson Reuters faces pressure over ICE contracts

A group of Thomson Reuters shareholders says the company’s technology databases are being used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to “track and arrest immigrants on a massive scale,” potentially causing reputational damage to the company.

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Tons of people are looking for work. AI-powered background checks could stand in the way.

Unemployment in May reached its highest levels since the Great Depression, but companies like Postmates and Uber have continued to hire new workers during the pandemic. If you’re interested in this kind of gig, however, there’s a good chance you’ll need to pass an AI-powered background check from a company like Checkr. This might not be as easy as it sounds.

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