Why are almost all Bond villians, Europeans?

This question, though trivial, has bothered me for decades. Is it because these villains are charismatic, stylish and swill wine as they describe their evil deeds? Or is it because art is trying to mimic real life in some way? The latter is increasingly probable as European banks and financial institutions today seem insidious and nefarious, thanks to the billions of dirty money dollars coursing through them on a daily basis. The world has sidelined and punished the banks of Middle East, Asia and most of the developing world for too long on (often real) concerns related to money laundering and financing of terrorism. It has also conveniently forgotten to treat European financial institutions with the same collective oversight, despite the burgeoning real estate market, overgrowth of private yachts, massive art market – despite a largely sagging European economy. What has changed? The realization by governments that this money is now impacting security and is being used to work against governments.

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