The entertainment industry has a long and interesting history of evolution. Amongst all the visual media, Games and Movies have been the majority stakeholders, since decades. Over the years, with technological advancements, changing customer preferences and other factors, the battle between the two has only intensified. This article provides an interactive approach to discover these consumer preferences.

The Video Games Vs. Movies Data Asset

This dashboard attempts to pit the two major entertainment industries, Video Games and Movies, against each other. The aim of the research was to outline the differences in the movie and game industries and drawing out inferences and hypothesis.

The performance of top 20 highest grossing titles of both industries for every year was compared on the basis of Revenue by genre, age rating and year.

Building The Data Asset

The Movies and Games data was taken from various web sources and datasets like IMDB, BoxOfficeMojo and VGchartz. Some data figures, however, were not available due to the proprietary nature. These include ticket sales for Movies and revenue figures for Games. The data includes estimates that were made on the basis of other secondary information.

For the ticket sales for Movies, the average ticket price of each year was taken (by Box Office Mojo) and was divided by the total revenue generated.



    • The video gaming industry has been generating more annual revenue with 11.66 % as the growth rate whereas the movie industry has only 5.2 % as the growth rate in the course of the most recent 20 years.

game analysis

    • In the year 2007, video gaming industry saw 18.1% increase in revenue YoY. Release of Nintendo Wii (39.6% of total Industry Revenue) in 2007 spiked purchases from Females.


    • With the release of both Xbox One and PS 4 in the year 2013 there was consistent increase in growth rate in the subsequent years


    • Continued innovations in the video gaming industry have allowed it to expand the difference in industry revenue (movies and games)from $3 Billion USD (2000) to $109 Billion USD (2019).


    • Top 20 titles of video games contribute to 14% (on average) of the industry revenue while the top 20 movies have a greater share of the industry revenue (38%).


    • The most notable movies that outperformed other titles at the time of release include:

      Avengers End Game


      Star Wars: The Attack on Clones

      giving us the key position Sci-Fi movies hold with consumers. Further, the increase in action and Sci-Fi movies over the most recent couple of years shows that the production houses are leveraging this information


  • Title
    Grand Theft Auto V
    2164.15 %
    Video Games
    Avengers End Game
    685.9 %


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