Video Games | The Worlds Most Dominent Entertainment Format

Video Games | The Worlds Most Dominent Entertainment Format

First, the numbers. $180 Billion – Projected market size for video games in 2021 90% – Video game owners are below 40 60:40 – Male to Female ratio of frequent buyers 50% – Of total sales are in Asia-Pacific No.1 – Form of Entertainment in the world by growth, revenue & users impact What is the implication? Global education, training, norms, compliance and focus is primed towards the following major formats of entertainment:

– Music ($15.7 Billion)

– Movies ($36.4 Billion)

– Radio ($44 Billion)

– TV ($450 Billion)

Video games has become a dominant and fast growing format in just over 2-3 decades without adequate oversight, risk, legal and compliance norms in place. On the flip slide, video games seldom get the mainstream attention or focus, which other formats demand, despite extensive footprint & impact – Socially, Culturally and Economically. I guess, most of us still don’t really take the descendants of Virtua Cop, Duck Hunt and Mario, all that seriously.

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