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UAE’s Businesses Need A Clear Grip On New Data Laws

The UAE government is setting the gold standard for protecting personal data, and with good reason. The copious amounts of data generated from our online presence has transformed the way we communicate, work, shop, manage our finances, run our homes, and even access essential healthcare services. As one of several digital initiatives designed to prepare the country for the future, the UAE announced the Data Protection Law in December last. 

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Google’s Healthcare Data Platform, Care Studio, Is Partnering With One Of The Largest EHR Systems

Over the years, Google has proven to be a relentless force with regards to innovation. The company continues find new ways to provide value to billions of people worldwide. Its latest venture is leveraging its Care Studio platform to build new partnerships and create value in the healthcare space. The platform applies the classic Google narrative to healthcare: integrating robust search features, making information digestible, and organizing data in more useful ways.

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View: With The Advent Of AI In Healthcare, Moving From Data To Actionable Insights Will Become Easier

Customers expect personalisation for products and services. But when it comes to healthcare, attempts to use genomic data in creating tailor-made medicines are still being made. The power of genomics lies in getting the right data to the right people to enable them to make the right decisions. identifying the order of the letters that make up an organism’s DNA and translating it into meaningful information is what genomics is all about.

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Who’s Ready For ‘Alt’ Data?

IN THE COMING YEARS, banking for the ordinary and the underbanked Filipino can be made easier and accessible even with minimal resources. The fast pace of digitalization in the banking sector calls for alterative ways and opportunities that consumers should be entitled to. This could also mean that a regular smartphone can be a great tool for those who aim to up their credit game.

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Countering The Underrated Threat Of Data Poisoning Facing Your Organization

The utilization of machine learning has skyrocketed over the past few years. The advanced technology has made high-performance computing accessible to almost all businesses out there. Businesses now use machine learning in cybersecurity, social networks, e-commerce websites, search engines, video streaming platforms and more. As organizations and users increasingly rely on machine learning-based applications, security experts have begun warning about adversaries abusing the technology.

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Public Sector Organisations Aren’t Ready To Unleash The Power Of Data

Now, more than ever, data is essential for planning the future of work. The pandemic upended traditional ways of working, with employees now having completely different expectations of their employers, particularly around flexible working. But what does the future of work look like and how should agencies plan for it? As hybrid working becomes embedded, understanding employees’ use of technology and patterns of building access could help agencies develop a picture of both current flexible working practices and future requirements.

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