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This week, we begin with an article that explores why Department of Energy (DOE) is spending millions for getting rid of excess data causing challenges due to its sensitivity. Next, we have a piece on Twitch’s data leak due to an error in their server configuration leading to source code hack. The following article discusses the important role that data privacy plays in improving the brand of the business. Following that, we have an article on sharing our personal data unknowingly with companies by just browsing the internet. Next is a piece about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) goal of managing all the data & making it accessible, reusable & efficient. Finally, we have an article on the increase in digital investments in pharma industry in terms of improvements in AI & big data compared to previous year.

Why The Department Of Energy Is Spending Millions To Get Rid Of Scientific Data

There really is such a thing as too much information. Say, for instance, you’re an astronomer scanning the cosmos for black holes, or a climate scientist modeling the next century of global temperature change. After just a few days recording observations or running simulations on the most sophisticated equipment, you might end up with millions of gigabytes of data.

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Twitch Confirms It Was Hacked After Its Source Code And Secrets Leak Out

Twitch has confirmed that it has suffered a major data breach, and that a hacker accessed the company’s servers thanks to a misconfiguration change. “We can confirm a breach has taken place,” says a Twitch spokesperson on Twitter. “Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information is available.”

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Why Data Privacy Is Good For Business: Online Privacy As A Branding Imperative

Data’s impact on business is often viewed from a very narrow perspective: We either discuss compliance or how companies use data insights to improve personalization capabilities, target users and adjust their products. But we must consider a whole other side to this relationship to maximize the opportunities offered by today’s data privacy climate.

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Companies Are Tracking Your Personal Data Without Your Consent, What You Need To Know

Each day unnamed companies are collecting our information; data so personal we likely wouldn’t share it with our closest friends. Despite the existing privacy challenges, Alan Butler, president of the advocacy organization EPIC, or the Electronic Privacy Information Center, acknowledges some consumers still believe they’re in control of who has access to their data.

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NGA Must ‘Treat Data As A Strategic Asset,’ Director Says

The explosion of available observational data about the Earth and human activity around the world is challenging the ability of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to be able to make sense of it all — especially on the shortened timelines desired by warfighters, said the agency’s director, Vice Adm. Robert Sharp.

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Digital Survey Takes Litmus Test On The Future Of AI, Big Data In Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is likely to reignite interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in the coming years after a conspicuous drop in 2020. And while cloud computing saw an upsurge in outlay due to Covid-19 lockdown measures, this is likely to peter out moving forward owing to further investments not needing to be as high as the first round.

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