Pristine Data Lakes

Pristine Data Lakes

Not too long ago, my job at Dun & Bradstreet entailed extensive visits to clients, to manage relationships and pitch products.

That job taught me a lot. It gave me insights one can only get by spending days and months on the road, in lobbies, on calls, and in meeting rooms. It allowed me to look at businesses from the point of view of the most important person – The End User.

Some of those insights continue to be relevant

  • People want lots of data but not in its base form
  • Sales for reports have increased but usage has reduced
  • Service providers design solutions as an input. Clients judge them by business impact.
  • Everyone feels a new problem can be solved with data. No one knows how.

I believe that solutions dependent on structured data will slowly loose ground to intelligent and nimble formats. This is why spreadsheets gave way to reports. Reports are now rapidly getting replaced by Dashboards.

In short:

  1. Users only want to consume critical inputs
  2. Organizations want future-proof solutions
  3. No one wants to deal with raw data

Hence, the dependence on ‘Pristine Data’ Lakes is going to increase, so that organizations may continuously build tools, algorithms, platforms, and solutions around such reservoirs.

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