Pretty gets you in the door but Useful sells again and again

Here is a great line in this article when it comes to Dashboards – ‘Pretty gets you in the door but Useful sells again and again.’ CXOs today are crazy about dashboards and visualisations, but only a few really understand the process behind them. The reason why they have become so popular is because of the pressing demands being made of leaders to – know everything, be on top of anything and decide quickly. Apparently pretty graphs and beautiful transitions is the answer to that problem. While this may be a gross simplification, our world has quickly moved from reports, to presentations and now to visualisations as a methodology to consuming information for critical decision making, thanks to the pace of business in general. However, what is clear is that post deployment these Dashboards often lead to more confusion and frustration rather than offering answers. The reason for this is often simple – the designers never asked the right questions. It is sometimes difficult to train for a Beauty Pagent and yet win the Math Olympiad

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