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This week, we begin with an article explaining the four recommendations made by experts for enhancing businesses’ capacity to benefit from data and a platform-based ecosystem. Next, is a piece outlining the interest areas of hackers, strategies adopted by them & a few tips to secure business information. Then, we have a revelation that if you use their in-app keyboards, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger may be able to monitor your keystrokes. Following that, we have a story on the chaos & disruption created by huge volumes of data and how DataOps help in managing data by creating metadata using AI & ML algorithms. Next, is an analysis about getting a crucial task of data protection correctly for an application with the scale, complexity, and significance of a data lake. Lastly, we have an essay focusing on organizations getting a better understanding of data & V’s of big data – volume, velocity, variety & veracity to avoid getting their AI projects to die quickly.

Data Is The Key To Overcoming The ‘New Digital Divide’

With the global landscape changing at a frenetic pace, an organization’s ability to be agile and make productive use of data is now central to its long-term success. Companies able to harness data’s full value will likely leapfrog those struggling with technology and organizational change. Experts suggest up to 6% of global output is at risk over the next decade, a result of the digital divide between those able to capitalize on data and those still struggling to figure out its role and what’s at stake.

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Effective Business Tips: How To Protect Data

In this 21st century, businesses have become digitized, and the introduction of ICT and cloud technology has revolutionized every sphere of life and how we do things, including how we conduct business. This new trend means that business owners can store very vital information and data electronically which makes it easier to be accessed. Digitalization also came with its security hazards. These have to do with cyber crimes, data theft, and hacking.

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TikTok’s In-App Keyboard On iOS Has The Capability Of Stealing Personal Data You Type

How secure would you feel if Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok were able to track every keystroke you made on your iPhone? According to Felix Krause, developer of a website called InAppBrowser.com (via The Verge), the in-app keyboard used by popular apps such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram has the potential to use JavaScript to grab your credit card data, address, passwords, and more without your permission on iOS.

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The Secret To Aligning Business & Data Strategies

In an era where everything can be measured, and often is, data accumulates faster than most businesses can keep up, filling vast volumes of storage and requiring costly resources to maintain. In fact, the average enterprise environment now includes more than eight data lakes. These disparate data sources and data lakes often create more chaos and disruption than they add value. Think about the steps involved enforcing data quality in this kind of dynamic situation. 

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Data Lake Governance & Security Issues

Analysis of data fed into data lakes promises to provide enormous insights for data scientists, business managers, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. However, governance and security managers must also ensure that the data lake conforms to the same data protection and monitoring requirements as any other part of the enterprise. To enable data protection, data security teams must ensure only the right people can access the right data and only for the right purpose. 

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Are You Making These Deadly Mistakes With Your AI Projects?

Since data is at the heart of AI, it should come as no surprise that AI and ML systems need enough good quality data to “learn”. In general, a large volume of good quality data is needed, especially for supervised learning approaches, in order to properly train the AI or ML system. The exact amount of data needed may vary depending on which pattern of AI you’re implementing, the algorithm you’re using, and other factors such as in house versus third party data. 

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