Data Asset Weekly Dispatch (Ep2) – AI, Location Data, Unemployment, Hedge Funds & Data Breaches

Presented by Abhishek Bali, CEO ZIGRAM, the Data Asset Weekly Dispatch is a video series based on the weekly newsletter of the same name, which covers important stories about the impact of Data Assets on our world.

This week we begin with an article on how a lack of data has hampered promising Artificial Intelligence solutions for diagnosing COVID-19 cases. The next piece is on Google using location data to determine adherence to stay-at-home and social distancing measures. After this, we have 6 charts that showcase the rising unemployment in the United States. Then we include a story about a Singapore based hedge fund that has successfully leveraged alternative data, by taking short positions in a pandemic is driven stock market. Lastly, we have an article about companies seeking assistance from specialized attorneys and negotiators in the event of a data breach in their organizations.

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