Our Work


Applications created by using multiple technologies including automation, analytics, machine learning and AI to help build Data Assets – Faster, Cheaper and Better


Deploying experienced resources, subject matter experts and specialists to execute projects and operations across the Data Asset lifecycle – From Conceptualization To Delivery


Data Asset products built in-house, either in partnership with other players or wholly managed, with subscription, application or API based access – Solutions For Specific Use-cases


Data Asset Framework

We have created our proprietary Framework to manage data asset projects from Conceptualization to Delivery i.e. across the Data Asset lifecycle

Cannabis Related Businesses

The most comprehensive and detailed database of Marijuana Related Businesses (“MRBs”) and their related Ultimate Beneficial Owners (“UBOs”)

Due Diligence & Research

Reports have been designed to determine potential red flags that may be associated with an entity, its key management personnel or by association

Crypto Data Asset

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive data asset of profiles of crypto entities, businesses, individuals and other relevant players

Sanctions Data Asset

Sanctions Data Asset is being developed to be the most comprehensive and detailed database of Sanctioned entities, individuals and their related associations

GSTIN Database

Focused coverage of 11 million+ Tax Payers in India, along with their basic licensing status and entity details that can help in reducing the chances of tax manipulation and evasion

Indian Companies Database

Focused coverage of private limited, public limited and limited liability companies in India, along with their original filed documents


Inside Sales

Developing and delivering primed account data assets for specific end-customer requirements, along with insights, KPIs and predictive analytics with the aim to increase conversion, ticket size and traction.

AML Penalties

Developed to give the global AML professional an analytics based, comprehensive and easy to reference resource for AML cases, penalties, regulations, trends & actions


Focused on reducing costs, enhancing cyber & data security and managing compliance norms for organizations across supply chains & ecosystems. (Cyber & Data Security + Compliance)

Facial Reference

Images & profiles of RSCI (Religious, Social & Culturally Important Individuals) to aid a facial recognition software in providing information about these individuals

State Owned Entities

Developed to give comprehensive details of entities where state owns majority or significant minority, Updated and maintained to serve as a screening tool for risk assessment by compliance professionals

Entertainment Data Asset

Comprehensive data for movies, individuals, TV shows, entities and other associated elements to ensure that the best possible information is available to power analytics, app development and other services