Network Visualizations for Risk

Network Visualizations for Risk

The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision – Helen Keller. Almost all business leaders have one thing in common – they all dislike the number of meetings which fill up their day. This was not always the case even 50 years back. Great men and women spent many hours a day – thinking, deliberating and writing. Such leaders were known, not by filled up calendars but by the measure of their achievements… and the impact of their decisions. Today, most Managers, VPs, Directors and CXOs have tons of emails, reports, meetings and presentations. Basically, there is too much data to consume. However, it is also worth noting, that most (if not all) of this data has value.

What is missing is:

1. How to determine its priority

2. How to analyze the high priority data

3. What decision to take based on that analysis It is here that Helen Keller’s quote has relevance – We have sight (data) but limited vision (decision making). Visualizing & dash-boarding data allows leaders the bandwidth to take big yet thoughtful decisions.

For risk, such decisions are even more crucial. We have outlined 6 risk areas primed for visualization driven decision making.

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