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This week, we begin with a story about the world of MongoDB, a document-based NoSQL database, and its unique blend of scalability, performance, and versatility. The next article discusses the risk of artificial intelligence tools, as these models could be trained to collect personal data without the user’s knowledge. The following story focuses on how consumers are paying for #internet privacy services to remove their data from the internet to reduce the risk of identity theft. This is followed by an article on the relevance of data quality and how important it is for creating meaningful and relevant customer experiences. The next article discusses confidential computing technology, which allows sensitive data to be processed within a secure and isolated environment known as a trusted execution environment. Lastly, we have a piece about the relevance of data literacy and how companies that want to be more data-driven are training their #employees on how to use data in appropriate situations.

Mastering MongoDB: Understanding and Utilizing the NoSQL Database

Welcome to the exciting world of MongoDB! Whether you’re a seasoned database professional or just starting out, MongoDB is sure to capture your attention with its unique blend of scalability, performance, and versatility. But what exactly is MongoDB and what sets it apart from other databases? Let’s take a closer look.

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ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Within two months of its release it reached 100 million active users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application ever launched. Users are attracted to the tool’s advanced capabilities – and concerned by its potential to cause disruption in various sectors.

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How to delete yourself from the internet

With so much personal data floating publicly on the internet, consumers have a legitimate interest in controlling the information flow. Some are taking matters into their own hands, opting out of certain data-collection websites or using paid removal services to do the scrubbing on their behalf.

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Creating Meaningful And Relevant Customer Experiences Using Data Quality

Today’s consumers have high expectations for brands, including expectations for highly personalized experiences – with conditions. For instance, a recent Prosper Insights & Analytics survey shows that over 68 percent of consumers state that they don’t like when advertisers buy their personal data.

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Confidential Computing: A Win-Win For Both Data Providers And Data Consumers

As 21st-century consumers in an increasingly connected world, most of us share our personal data in countless interactions without thinking twice.

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The Problems With Data Literacy

Many data-centric programs are gaining prominence as many newly minted CDOs implement the people, processes and technologies needed to leverage data for competitive advantage. One such program is data literacy, which, according to Gartner, is near the peak of its annual “hype cycle” for the hottest trends in data and analytics.

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