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This week, we begin with a piece on how Mark Zuckerberg made use of the term metaverse in the tech industry, which was originally coined by Neal Stephenson in one of his novels. Next is a story about the emergence of new data connectivity infrastructure stacks and their pros & cons for organizations to create their own customized stack. Then, we have an article that talks about how our data on the dark web can be harmful and some ways to protect our company’s & personal data from a breach. Following that, we have the annual data breach report from Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) that shows a 68% increase in the number of breaches from 2020, exposing the personal information of about 300 million people. Next is a story about the shift towards an open data economy & its adoption to kickstart the user growth in open banking. Lastly, we have an essay on the capabilities of IoT technology and the ways in which it can help in improving machine downtime.

The Metaverse Is Dystopian – But To Big Tech It’s A Business Opportunity

Once upon a time, a very long time ago – until Thursday 28 October 2021, to be precise – the term “metaverse” was known only to lexicographers and science fiction enthusiasts. And then, suddenly, it was everywhere. How come? Simply this: Mark Zuckerberg, the supreme leader of Facebook, pissed off by seeing nothing but bad news about his company in the media, announced that he was changing its name to Meta.

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How The Data Infrastructure Stack Will Change This Year

In 2022 the digital advertising industry will be faced with further depreciation of third-party identifiers. Brands, agencies, publishers and technology companies will start to scramble to implement infrastructure to support connectivity of consented data.  As the need for data connectivity starts to accelerate, a new technology stack will start to emerge.

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Exposed: The Underlying Dangers Of The Dark Web For Our Data

Cybersecurity is in the spotlight more than ever before. As businesses pivoted to widespread remote work, employees relocated into their home offices using dicey Wi-Fi networks and suddenly played a role in protecting the company network. While the threat to our professional data network is now widely understood.

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Consumer First Alert: How To Protect Yourself As Data Breaches Hit Record Levels

A new report shows 2021 was a record-breaking year for data breaches. The annual Data Breach Report comes from the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center. President and CEO Eva Velasquez says the number of breaches increased more than 68 percent from 2020. “No industry and no entity is immune to a data breach or a cyber attack. Even our government agencies,” says Velasquez.

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Open Data: What It Is, And What It Means For Fintech And Beyond

You might still be getting used to open banking — which is when, with consent, your banking data is shared via an authorised platform. Coming in just as hot is open finance, where financial data is shared, and open data, where any type of data can be shared from any type of business. One of the major benefits of this evolution is that by accessing more of a person’s data, businesses are able to provide more personalised services.

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5 Ways IoT Can Improve Manufacturing Downtime

IoT technology in the manufacturing industry lets businesses implement digital transformation. The technology includes advanced sensor devices, gateway connectivity, and a dashboard for the managers to simplify their workload and improve all aspects of industrial production. It can be quite difficult for manufacturing industries to keep an eye on machine health. 

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