‘Listicles’ are to ‘Long form writing’ what Pizza is to Italian Cuisine!

I am not a fan of listicles. To me, they are representative of aggressive laziness, a focused lack of inspiration and cocktail party intellectualism. And yet, we fall for them… over and over and over. ‘Listicles’ are to ‘Long form writing’ what Pizza is to Italian cuisine. That is, someone decided to make a deep dish cheesy version of it to go easy on our minds and heavy on our hearts. That being said, some listicles are thoughtful, curated and built by writers / editors who know a thing or two about the world and how it works. These listicles are cooked up in the furnace of a Michelin 3 star kitchen, where the chefs are brilliant enough to consistent and yet mad enough to be provocative. The Bloomberg 50 may just be that, as it tries to capture 2018 accomplishments which were particularly noteworthy. However, I could be wrong. Especially considering how I usually find myself late at night, staring at empty pizza boxes with leftover crumbs and cheese… wishing for more.

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