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This week, we begin with an investigation which disclosed how the lenient data protection laws in India are benefitting companies like Truecaller. Next is a piece discussing the rapid growth of data science around the world. Then, we have an article describing how organizations may have a sustained competitive edge by gathering comprehensive & accurate data in a timely manner and connecting it to other relevant datasets. Following that, we have an analysis of the Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine & the chances of US getting attacked and ways of getting protected against them. Next is the set of recommendations by Geoff Bibby, SVP at OpenText, regarding data privacy. Lastly, we have an essay explaining how synthetic data is helping faster & better training of AI models.

How Companies Benefit From India’s Lax Data Protection Laws

After more than two years of deliberation, The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill was tabled in the parliament in December 2021. However, the bill is yet to come into force and, for many, has been noted as underwhelming and inadequate. New rumours also point to the PDP bill, which has been in the works for five years now, being put aside and a new bill being drafted from scratch. 

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Data Science Is One Of The Most Important Technologies That Is Driving Business Transformation

Data science is growing rapidly and flourishing in multiple industries across the world. It is helping organizations to get a grip on a vast amount of real-time data without any potential error to eliminate serious consequences in the nearby future. It is dominating industries such as healthcare, IT, retail, manufacturing, BFSI, education, and many more. 

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Are You Using Data To Create A Competitive Edge?

Data gathered completely and accurately, connected to other relevant datasets, in a timely manner becomes a way for organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage–both to react to market dynamics and be proactive in their decision-making. In the case of eCommerce, organizations have been able to predict demand in granular micro-pockets by combining sales data with external data and using advanced algorithms.

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How Worried Should We Be About Russian Cyberattacks?

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it makes sense to wonder: Should America be worried about cyber attacks right now? Experts have mixed opinions. One way to gauge what potential Russian attacks could look like is to analyze past events. “We know from what Russia has done in the past, what they’re capable of,” says Glenn Gerstell, former General Counsel of the United States National Security Agency from 2015 to 2020. “And they’ve used Ukraine as a little bit of their cyber punching bag, so to speak.”

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Businesses Need To Get Big About Data Privacy

Data privacy is something that consumers and businesses need to contend with. To win and secure consumer trust, businesses need to show that they take data privacy seriously. By data privacy, this concerns the protection of personal data from those who should not have access to it and the ability of individuals to determine who can access their personal information.

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Why Is Synthetic Data Suddenly So Popular?

Ajinkya Bhave, Country Head (India) at Siemens Engineering Services, recently spoke about Siemens’ application of synthetic data to deploy the machine in real-world scenarios. “The idea was that we created synthetic training data, which was then used to train a neural network on a digital twin of the model. Then we tested that on the real faults which occur in the ball bearings of the gearboxes with the physical data.

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