ZIGRAM Internship Program

Our Vision
To integrate our products, data and services in DIKW organizations globally, to help solve real world problems by leveraging Data Assets

DIKW {Data, Information, Knowledge & Wisdom}

zigram - data assets
Internship Program Purpose

Expose interns to best-in-class skills and standards for to Data Asset operations and Technology

  • Introduce Data Assets & the ecosystem
  • Train and align resources towards basics of Data Assets
  • Provide exposure on aspects of technology, data science & ops
  • Carry out formal and informal training
  • Offer real world challenges, solutions and opportunities
  • Assess potential areas of expertise & capabilities
  • Align deserving interns towards full-time roles
General Rules

What matters to us, is outcome.
What concerns us, are values.

  • Grooming & Dressing Standards – Formal
  • Start Time is 9.30 am (Last time in at 10.30 am)
  • Deliverables & Timelines are considered sacrosanct
  • Out of office – Available on calls
  • Bring problems but with solutions
  • Everything is your job
  • Research is key & facts are important
  • Check in daily with your leader(s)
  • Our policy on leaves – Take them when required and if urgent
  • Data Security & Non-Disclosure are critical
zigram - data assets
Getting A Full-Time Offer
  • Being offered a full-time roll is NOT a guarantee
  • It is dependent on performance, skill sets and other organizational factors
  • Assessments of performance will be done on regular basis
  • Offers will me made by month 4 or end of internships

Our aim is to retain interns as full time members of ZIGRAM as part of specific teams:

  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Data Science
Why Should You Join Us


We Work With & Build Real Tech

We use them across all products and projects… not just
in brochures


We Work With Amazing Intensity

Because nothing great was ever built between 9 to 5


We Know What Sells

Because building a business is part of our DNA


We Aim To Solve Big Problems

Because they lead to big rewards and big success


We Love Data

And so we respect Nerds, Geeks, Techies and Dreamer-Doers!


We Value ‘Hunger’ Over ‘Credentials’

If you have something to prove, we shall give you the opportunity

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If you’ve any questions about our programmes or recruitment processes, please contact us at hr@zigram.tech.