Human Trafficking and Slavery

Human Trafficking and Slavery - ZIGRAM

Slavery is as old as the human civilization itself. Most of us have been educated about the evils of forced labour and servitude. And yet, it exists around us in alarming yet invisible numbers. The last decade has seen a jump in global conflict leading to over 65 million people being forced to migrate. Such conflicts have conventionally been catchment areas for traffickers to find vulnerable and often young people, to exploit. Today, there exists a high correlation between areas of conflict and the nationality of modern day slaves. The dynamics of modern day slavery in most parts, follow the traditional drivers – The need of cheap labour and a pliant workforce. What this means is that the core nature of the business of slavery hasn’t changed in over 3000 years. What has changed, is that Kings and Emperors have been replaced by Businesses, Corporations and Conglomerates. While it may cheapen the actual suffering faced by individuals, when we try and simplify or vizualize this complex issue on an infographic, we believe this may helps us to get a sense of the visceral impact slavery has, in our modern world.

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