Global Impunity Index getting away with the murders of journalist

In the past decade, at least 324 journalists have been silenced through murder worldwide & in 85% of these cases no perpetrators have been convicted – Such numbers may no longer evince horror or concern. However, The Global Impunity Index, released by the CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) has reinvigorated the debate on freedom of the press. South Asian countries do especially poorly as per this index, even when compared against some of the most conflict ridden places in the world. India – which prides itself on its democratic values, freedom and the justice system, does not fare very well (it’s position has worsened). The only reason for India being ranked 14th… is because population is taken as the denominator for determination. Admittedly, this index is indicative when it comes to obstructions faced by the media. It considers only murders of journalists which have remained unsolved or have suffered from a lack of prosecution. Ideally, violence and freedom, should be measured by considering various factors – not just murders. Because, with 100,000+ publications, 400+ news channels & 407 million readers – India may not just have a violence problem… but a judicial one as well.

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