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This week, we begin with a proposal by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change the data breach reporting rules for telecommunication companies. Next is an article about the new code of conduct by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations regarding data protection in clinical research, due to issues faced in EU’s GDPR. Then, we have a Tech Radar interview with Barak Witkowski from AppsFlyer discussing data clean rooms as a solution for sharing data while safeguarding privacy. Following that, we have a research by Sage Growth Partners on the importance of harmonized data & the report suggests that implementing a smart data fabric and true interoperability standard across an entire health enterprise would serve the purpose. Next is an essay that talks about how strengthening data sharing policies in India can reap the benefits of a vast amount of data. Lastly, we have a piece on the new Consumer Data Right (CDR) coming in New Zealand that will regulate data sharing and facilitate how data is stored & protected.

The FCC Might Force Cellphone Providers To Report Data Breaches Differently

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering new rules to update how telecommunications companies report on data breaches. Some of the additional steps FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel shared in a notice Wednesday would require carriers to notify the FCC, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the US Secret Service, of any inadvertent or unintentional breaches that put people’s personal information at risk. 

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Pharma Industry Draws Up Guidelines For Sharing Data

Europe’s pharmaceutical industry trade body has developed a code of conduct on data protection in clinical research, which will soon be submitted to EU authorities. The implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which was drawn up to protect personal data, has caused problems for health research since coming into force in 2016.

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Data Clean Rooms Could Be The Perfect Technology For The Privacy-First Era

In the post-cookies world, companies will need to look for equally effective ways to collect, share and analyze data for the purposes of marketing, without compromising on privacy. One solution is the data clean room, a service that allows brands to share data and insights with partner organizations, while still safeguarding the privacy of those whose data is shared.

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Improvements In Data Quality Could Yield Up To $42.1 Million For Healthcare Organizations

Data is an invaluable resource that informs nearly every choice we make, but poor data quality can have devastating effects on the decision-making process and financial outcomes. When it comes to health and patient care in particular, the stakes are at their highest. New research from Sage Growth Partners, commissioned by InterSystems, involving C-level leaders from top healthcare organizations reveals just how critically.

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Strengthening Data Sharing Measures

Data is the new gold or oil that can help power economies to innovate, progress, and grow the gross national GDPs. Just like the gold or oil needs to be mined or extracted, sharing quality data is key to reap its benefits. India is home to around 1.3 Billion people and a large government ecosystem, which provides numerous benefits to these people and generates a vast amount of data. However, the large amount of data is siloed across Government entities that act as a stumbling block in providing benefits to society efficiently.

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Big Data

Tairawhiti has a “huge issue” with accessibility and digital literacy, says TaiTech treasurer and researcher Dr Maurice Alford. The new regulations, creating a Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislative framework, are important to have in New Zealand, he says, “because already so many people are suffering from not having a framework to prevent privacy breaches and prohibit data sharing without consent”.

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