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This week, we begin with an article on the surge in data center construction that will allow operators to take advantage of energy efficient technological advances happened over the past decade. Next, we have a story on the vulnerability of PNB’s server that resulted in the exposure of critical financial & personal information of 180 million customers. Then, we have a piece on the importance of data & insights in businesses and digital conversion of customers and online data collection. Following that, we have an analysis of the growth of the most vital asset – Data. Next is an essay explaining the issue of data perishability, which means data gets stale and it has a shelf-life. Finally, we have a report by Fivetran that found the huge costs of bad data due to faulty data pipelines, borne by the companies.

Nigeria’s Data Center Industry Taps Latest in Energy-Efficient Technology

Nigeria’s fledgling data center industry reflects the benefits of a fresh start, as companies starting from scratch take advantage of more energy-efficient technology, industry executives say. Reducing energy consumption is a priority for the tech sector world-wide, given the huge amount of power needed to keep the world’s computers running.

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Vulnerability In PNB Server Exposed Customer Data For About Seven Months: CyberX9

A vulnerability in the server of Punjab National Bank allegedly exposed the personal and financial information of its about 180 million customers for about seven months, according to cyber security firm CyberX9. CyberX9 has claimed that the vulnerability provided access to the entire digital banking system of PNB with administrative control.

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Why Do Data And Insights Need The Human-To-Human Approach

Data remains one of the most crucial parts of a business, no matter how differently the world uses it. Data, on the other hand, has evolved so rapidly in recent decades that it is practically hard for firms to stay up. Data and research continue to be the kingmaker for every part of a company, from understanding social psychology and behavioral economics on the ground to digitally gaining clients.

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In The Roaring 2020s, Data Will Be Your Most Vital Asset

In the 1920s, as the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918 waned, and a synergy of technological process, increased mass marketing, and a surge in employment culminated in a massive economic boom. That period, now known as the Roaring 20’s, was a time of immense optimism and opportunity. And history, as it tends to do, has again come full circle.

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Best Before: Perishable Data Has A Shelf-Life

Data gets stale. It doesn’t ‘go bad’ as such, it’s usually still consumable much like the way a rotten slice of meatloaf isn’t, but its nutritional value may have long since left the building. Part of the problem with data freshness, timeliness and usability stems from the fact that modern software architectures have to deal with an increasingly more diverse set of different data types.

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Bad Data Pipelines Costing Companies Big, Fivetran Finds

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Overworked data engineer builds faulty data pipeline, which leads to bad data, which leads to a bad outcome. It may be the same old song, but it’s also the current state of affairs at many companies today, according to a report issued today by ETL provider Fivetran. Fivetran’s new report, titled “The State of Data Management Report,” found that the average company is paying essentially wasting half a million dollars per year to employ data engineers to manually build and maintain data pipelines.

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