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This week, we begin with an article describing misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information (MDM) along with the threats & losses to firms. Next, is a piece talking about the control of personal data in consumers’ hands and how the future may hold potential for it to be a data currency. Then, we have an essay explaining the 5 data privacy essentials to be considered in the era of growing volumes of data. Following that, we have a write-up introducing digital sovereignty, a different concept from data sovereignty, and indulging in the complexities of both landscapes. Next, is a key finding from a report by Quest Software about the superiority of high-quality data over data privacy for data governance initiatives. Lastly, we have a story that emphasizes building an effective data security & data protection plan for getting the potential gains from data-as-an-asset.

Disinformation Is The Next Big Cybersecurity Threat

What began as memes and a way for scammers to drive ad revenue via clickbait has morphed and expanded into almost every area of our lives. Misinformation, disinformation, malinformation (MDM), and a host of other terms used so loosely are now co-opted for nefarious use, and some have lost their meaning almost entirely. Understanding the nuances of MDM is an essential first step for those practicing or developing a practice around information-driven threats.

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Consumer Data Is The Next Virtual Currency

Imagine if someone was siphoning the gas from your car without your knowledge – little by little until, eventually, they had enough gas to open their own gas station and sell what they had taken from you. Now, imagine the gas is your personal data – the digital information trail you leave behind every time you use a connected device – and the siphoning bandit turned entrepreneur is Big Tech. Suddenly, this imaginary scenario isn’t too far from our current reality.

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5 Data Privacy Imperatives For Enterprise Leaders

Enterprise leaders have been under constant pressure to sustain business and explore new opportunities for growth due to the disruptive nature of digital natives that survived through the dot-com bubble and are thriving. And then, the digital landscape snowballed, followed by a pandemic that disrupted the way the world works. These events mostly favored the digital natives that thrive with technology to become dominant players in their segment.

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Digital Sovereignty In The Cloud

Data sovereignty. A simple notion, right? Not so fast. What may appear to be a relatively straightforward concept has instead become an extremely complicated situation due to the numerous regulations defined, countless re-purposed terms used, and variety of technology capabilities offered. This reality has an impact downstream in the form of significant considerations and ramifications for public and private organizations alike. 

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Data Quality Now Outranks Security In New Governance Initiatives

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and systems management provider Quest Software today released their 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment Report, an annual study [subscription required] that identifies challenges and innovations in data governance, data management and dataops.  A key takeaway is that the pursuit of high-quality data has overtaken data security as the most important motivator for data governance initiatives. 

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Data Security’s Secret: Data As An Asset

We live in the age of data. It has revolutionized many facets of our lives, from how medical professionals treat patients and journalists tell stories to the nature of our shopping trips and how we do business. Across industries, companies rely on customer names, payment information, addresses and other sensitive information to develop new products and partnerships. 

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Source: https://mailchi.mp/zigram/data-asset-weekly-dispatch_18_july_1

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