Digital Surveillance, COVID-19 Scams, Pakistan’s National Database, Nazi Victims, Satellite Data, Dark Web Marketplaces

This week we begin with an article about the erosion of data privacy, which is a byproduct of increasing surveillance done by governments as a part of the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns. The next piece is on social media being flooded by misinformation related to Coronavirus and how Fake News has real dangers. Then, we have a story on the establishment of a database by Pakistan to curb money laundering and terrorist financing. After this, we cover the release of a database containing 26 million documents of victims and survivors of the Nazi Jewish holocaust. Following this is a piece on how Satellite Data may be used to fight against pandemics, health disasters and other public health challenges. Lastly, we have included a survey of three major dark web marketplaces and what researchers found in them.

How Coronavirus Is Eroding Privacy

In South Korea, investigators scan smartphone data to find within 10 minutes people who might have caught the coronavirus from someone they met. Israel has tapped its Shin Bet intelligence unit, usually focused on terrorism, to track down potential coronavirus patients through telecom data. One U.K. police force uses drones to monitor public areas, shaming residents who go out for a stroll.

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Coronavirus scammers are flooding social media with fake cures and tests

For years, Timothy Mackey has been researching the sale of opioids and illicit drugs online, tracking how dealers have used social media to push controlled substances. But over the past few weeks, the UC San Diego public health researcher has found himself in the bowels of the internet, trying to track the black market for fake Covid-19 tests and treatments. It turns out the two realms of drug-dealing share some similar scams.

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Pakistan Establishes National Database To Stop Money Laundering And Terror Financing

The federal government has set up a National (Single Template) Database for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and has been given access to this database by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and other related agencies.

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Online database with 26 million documents on Nazi victims, survivors now online

The world’s most comprehensive archive on the victims and survivors of Nazi persecution reached a “milestone” on Tuesday by publishing 26 million documents to its online database, including new information on forced laborers and deported Jews.

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How Satellite Data Can Help With COVID-19 And Beyond

In a world turned upside-down by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we at Planet are regularly asked how daily satellite monitoring of the Earth might be helpful. We’d like to share some perspective with you about the role satellite imagery and analytics can play in responding to disease outbreaks in general, and to the current pandemic in particular, as well as some of what Planet will be doing to help in the months to come.

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What type of data is trending on the dark web?

Researchers surveyed three major dark web marketplaces: “The Canadian HeadQuarters”, “Empire Market” and “White House Market,” sorting all data listings into six categories: personal data, payment cards, financial accounts and credentials, non-financial accounts and credentials, fraud guides and fraud tools and templates.

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