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This week, we begin with an announcement of centre’s plan to develop a digital platform that will allow doctors, clinics, and hospitals across the country to access patients’ medical records with their permission and approval of implementation of ABDM. Next is an analysis of the health data NFTs and some of the challenges faced by NFT in the medical industry. Then, we have an article that discusses the issue of data debt which is the accumulated cost of the suboptimal data asset governance. Following that, we have a list of passwords most commonly found in the leaked account information on the dark web, from a recent report by Lookout, a mobile security firm. Next is a piece on the vulnerability of the utility sector to cyberattacks and some of the steps to boost data security & reduce the cost of a data breach in the sector. Lastly, we have an essay describing the importance and complexities of adopting social commerce by retailers in today’s changing trend where customers lead the way.

Union Cabinet Approves Rs 1,600 Crore For Health Data

The Union cabinet has approved a five-year outlay of Rs 1,600 crore for the Centre’s plan to create a digital platform to enable patients’ health records to be accessed with their consent by doctors, clinics, or hospitals nationwide. The Centre announced on Saturday that the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs had approved the implementation of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

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Profit For Patients: Can NFTs Allow People To Monetise Their Health Data?

Whether you know what they are or not, chances are you’ve heard of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs are digital tokens that represent ownership of entirely unique items; stored and traceable in a blockchain, they cannot be modified, replaced, or duplicated. Assets minted as NFTs are sold and traded on digital marketplaces and can have only one official owner at any time.

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Why Organizations Need To Address Their Data Debt Today

Organizations have vied for years to be data-driven, leveraging spreadsheets, analytics solutions, and machine learning technology to draw fresh insights from their data. Indeed, the focus in recent years has been to amass data from every nook and cranny of the corporate digital infrastructure to eke out all possible benefits from first-party data. 

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These Are The 20 Most Common Passwords Leaked On The Dark Web — Make Sure None Of Them Are Yours

Your go-to password might be easier to guess than you think. That’s according to a new report from mobile security firm Lookout, which recently published a list of the 20 passwords most commonly found in leaked account information on the dark web. The list ranges from simple number and letter sequences like “123456” and “Qwerty” to easily typed phrases like “Iloveyou.”

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Boosting Data Security In The Utilities Sector: Why Energy Data Is Now At Work

Data has become a critical component of the utilities sector. But as data becomes more valuable to utilities, data security is now at the top of the agenda. And as grids become smarter, energy models become more distributed and flexibility becomes a day-to-day part of balancing the grid, the role of data is only going to become more important.

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Essential Social Selling Data For Online SMEs

Social commerce is a $89.4 billion market right now. It’s projected to grow to $604.5 billion in the next seven years. eMarketer predicts social commerce will rise by 34.8% to $36.09 billion in 2021 alone. It’s increasingly clear that consumers are discovering and purchasing products directly via social media channels. 

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