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  • This week we begin with an article that includes best practices for any data leader or expert who wants to learn how to maximize the quality of the data in the data warehouses of their organization.
  • Next, we have a story on the deadly malware, Erbium, that is quickly spreading and targeting passwords, credit cards, cookies, cryptocurrency wallets, and other personal data.
  • Following that we have a piece highlighting the magnitude of the dark data situation where unused dark data is stored on servers and limits the contribution of organizations towards the digital decarbonization movement for realizing net-zero targets. Global data centers have a greater carbon footprint than the aviation industry.
  • After that, we have a note explaining the importance of data quality in data governance and why data management is greatly challenged by a lack of visibility and compounded by data quality issues.
  • Next is a report on East Africa Macroeconomic Outlook by Deloitte, the loss in FDI inflows in the region owing to low-quality financial data while conducting due diligence on potential acquisition targets or merger partners.
  • Finally, we have a write-up on the flagship initiative, Digital India that uses a nine-pillar structure to digitize India, one of which is devoted to improving “information for all.”
Best Practices For Data Quality In Data Warehouses

The true measure of an effective data warehouse is how much key business stakeholders trust the data that is stored within. To achieve certain levels of data trustworthiness, data quality strategies must be planned and executed. It’s clear that data quality ultimately determines the usefulness and value of a data warehouse. But achieving high-quality data is no small task, especially in larger enterprises. 

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A New Malware That Steals Your Credit Card And Personal Data Is Spreading Like Wildfire

A rapidly spreading and dangerous malware named “Erbium” is currently blasting its way through the internet and is most likely to continue to spread unchecked for the foreseeable future. Erbium is a data and information-stealing tool that targets your passwords, credit cards, cookies, cryptocurrency wallets, and possibly more. 

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‘Dark Data’ Is Killing The Planet – We Need Digital Decarbonisation

More than half of the digital data firms generate is collected, processed and stored for single-use purposes. Often, it is never re-used. This could be your multiple near-identical images held on Google Photos or iCloud, a business’s outdated spreadsheets that will never be used again, or data from internet of things sensors that have no purpose.

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Data Quality Is At The Heart Of Successful Data Governance

Few commodities as crucial to an organization’s success as data. From IT and business operations, through strategic decisions, to sales and marketing pipelines, technology professionals need to maximize value from their organization’s data. As such, organizations are giving data governance more attention and increasingly prioritizing it in their IT planning. 

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How Weak Financial Data Costs East Africa Billions In Lost FDI

External investors looking for merger and acquisition deals in East Africa are facing challenges when conducting due diligence and valuing potential targets due to low-quality financial data, potentially costing the region valuable foreign direct investment inflows. 

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Treating ‘Data As Oil’ Squanders Its Immense Potential

A country of over 1.3 billion people with rapid technological growth, India is a data goldmine waiting to be tapped into. The Indian government is trying to do so with Digital India, a flagship mission that seeks to transform the country into a world-leading knowledge economy. Having missed out on previous economic and technological revolutions, there is a pressure to leverage India’s position as a data-rich country to power development of the AI ecosystem.

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