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This week we begin with an article that discusses the European Commission releasing a draft for the European Union and the United States Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework (TDPF) which will significantly ease data transfers. Next, we have a proposal by the U.S. Treasury Department to tighten controls on information in the non-public registry, limiting access mostly to U.S. law enforcement and regulators. Following that, we have the European Commission proposing a regulation on collecting and sharing data for short-term accommodation rental services. After that, we have the Open Data Maturity Report 2022, which provides insight into the best practices implemented across Europe that can be transferred and makes recommendations for speeding up open data development. Next is the piece outlining the efforts made by the Open Data Institute to reform and improve public services through greater transparency and accountability around data such as ESG. Finally, we have an interesting story about the partnership between the Linux Foundation and the biggest technology companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and Dutch mapping company TomTom to counter Google’s dominance in the mapping realm.

European Commission Releases Draft Adequacy Decision For US Personal Data Transfers

This draft decision’s public release on December 13 comes two months after President Biden issued Executive Order 14086 (EO 14086) concerning the enhancement of privacy safeguards for US signals intelligence activities. EO 14086 was designed to address the concerns over US intelligence activities raised by the European Court of Justice’s Schrems II decision.

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Treasury Proposal Lays Out Who Would Have Access To New Ownership Database

The U.S. Treasury Department has proposed giving both banks and law-enforcement officials varying degrees of access to a sprawling new database of corporate-ownership information as part of an effort to stop criminals and terrorists from using anonymous shell companies to hide dirty money.

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EU Introduces Legislative Proposal To Collect Data From Short-Term Accommodation Platforms

On November 7, 2022, the European Commission (EC) published its proposal for a regulation on data collection and sharing for short-term accommodation rental services (proposal). The proposal includes data sharing and website design requirements for online platforms providing short-term accommodation rental services. It also prompts EU countries to create a harmonized registration process for hosts providing such services.

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More EU Countries Are Preparing To Unlock The Benefits Of Open Data

Capgemini has published the Open Data Maturity report 2022 which benchmarks the development of European countries in the field of open data. Commissioned by the European Commission and the European Union Publications Office, the report records the year-on-year progress achieved by European countries and identifies areas for improvement. It provides insight into current best practices implemented across Europe that can be transferred to other national and local contexts and makes recommendations for speeding up open data development. 

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Improving The Quality Of Sustainability Data

When the Open Data Institute (ODI) was founded 10 years ago, its focus was on reforming and improving public services through greater transparency and accountability around data. It didn’t take long for that remit to be expanded into sharing data across organisations and sectors. It influenced policy around open data and data sharing in the banking industry, which inevitably led to the thriving market for alternative financial services that we have today. 

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Meta, Microsoft, AWS And TomTom Launch The Overture Maps Foundation To Develop Interoperable Open Map Data

The Linux Foundation has partnered with some of the world’s biggest technology companies to develop interoperable and open map data, in what is a clear move to counter Google’s dominance in the mapping realm. The Overture Maps Foundation, as the new effort is called, is officially hosted by the Linux Foundation, but the program is driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook’s parent company Meta, Microsoft and Dutch mapping company TomTom.

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