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This week we begin with an article that discusses various critical issues of the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 & compares it with the 2019 Bill. Next, we have a piece explaining how to respond to long-standing and new difficulties using data analysis. Following that, we have a statement about Google’s aim to combine all data, from all sources, on every platform during its Google Cloud Next 2022 presentation. After that, we have an analysis of the increased incidents of cyber-attacks in supply chain. Next is a story outlining the three shackles holding AI back and the ways to overcome these challenges. Finally, we have a write-up specifying five actions that any organization may take to guarantee that its customer data is protected.

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill Skirts Key Issues

The draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 did not consider several critical issues such as the regulation of hardware and devices and localisation of data with retrospective effect, which have been opposed by the global tech giants. Abhishek Malhotra (managing partner, TMT Law Practice) said: “The draft Bill has watered down the objective of a data privacy and protection framework. 

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How Data Analysis Is Key To Understanding Rising Living Costs

The ability to analyse and use the relevant data, in the right way, and in real time, is the key to harnessing the true value that data holds. Data analysis can play a crucial role in helping us respond to long-standing and emerging challenges – providing valuable new insight and helping deliver better outcomes. Data helps many businesses and organisations to understand issues at hand – and the cost-of-living crisis is no exception.

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Has Google Pulled Another Brick From The Wall?

Google has long pledged undying fealty to the God of Openness across a whole range of technologies and issues going back many years, including open source, open standards and, this year especially, open data. During its recent Google Cloud Next ‘22 event, it stated that its goal was to unify all data, from all sources, across any platform.

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Cyber Specialist Out To Detect Supply Chains’ Weakest Links

When Kaseya, a Miami-based software supplier, was hit by a cyber attack in July last year, it was not just a problem for the company itself. The hackers also managed to gain access to Kaseya’s customers and, after that, those customers’ own clients. Around 1,000 companies were affected in all. One of them — a Swedish grocery chain — had to close hundreds of stores. 

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The Future Of Data Science Is About Removing The Shackles On AI

Before embracing his destiny as a superhero, Superman was raised on the Kent family farm in Smallville, Kansas, where his superpowers lay dormant and unutilized. And even in adulthood as a reporter for The Daily Planet, Clark Kent, a well-liked but unremarkable guy, still needed time to reach his true potential as the savior of humanity. Much the same can be said of the origin story of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Five Ways To Guarantee The Safety Of Customer Data

If the current news cycle has shown us anything, it’s that it’s never been more important for businesses to be serious about security. It can feel like the next data breach is just around the corner. For businesses to remain viable, they require customers to trust them with sensitive information, and the consequences of breaching this trust can cause irreversible reputational and financial damage.

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