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  • This week we begin with an article that shows how the ecosystem of data brokers and other players inside this system is now becoming more well-recognized in the financial services industry.
  • Next, we have a piece explaining the organizations using AI & ML tools in Google Cloud to digitally transition into smarter companies.
  • Following that we have an analysis specifying over half of the digital data that companies generate ends up being dark data & attention is required on digital data’s carbon footprint.
  • After that, we have the findings from a report by data intelligence firm BigID that suggests struggles with storing & tracking sensitive data in the cloud.
  • Next is a write-up on the impact of poor data quality in healthcare, current problems caused by insufficient data quality & some possible solutions to improve that.
  • Finally, we have an essay about data-driven API helping developers with vital information & critical insights about API performance through data-driven API testing.
Data Toxicity And The Role Of Financial Data Brokers

Many data brokers—sometimes referred to more neutrally as data aggregators—have developed a bad reputation within the business world. As middlemen, these entities buy, sell and trade in bits of personal information about hundreds of millions of people. Each of us has numerous profiles fashioned by these shadowy entities, with this information typically containing information like our names, addresses, phone numbers, work history and shopping patterns.

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Digital Transformation With Google Cloud

Alphabet’s Google Cloud empowers organisations to digitally transform themselves into smarter businesses. Its diverse solutions include cloud computing, data analytics, and the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools. Last week, many of the platform’s latest advances were shared at Next ’22, Google Cloud’s annual developer and tech conference about digital transformation in the cloud.

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How Is Dark Data Affecting Our Carbon Footprint?

People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and while the usual suspects, aviation, personal cars and diet, are easily spottable, there is something less obvious and just as damaging – dark data. Dark data refers to single use digital data, information, of any kind, that ends up in the cloud and is never used again. 

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96% Of Companies Report Insufficient Security For Sensitive Cloud Data

The vast majority of organizations lack confidence in securing their data in cloud, while many companies acknowledge they lack sufficient security even for their most sensitive data, according to a new report by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CSA report surveyed 1,663 IT and security professionals from organizations of various sizes and in various locations.

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Data Quality In Healthcare: Current Problems And Possible Solutions

Data quality in healthcare can directly affect patient outcomes, physicians’ decision-making abilities and more. Unfortunately, there are many examples of data quality issues running rampant in healthcare. Improving healthcare data quality is a crucial and ongoing process. Here’s a closer look at how data quality impacts healthcare.

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An Overview Of Data-Driven API Testing

APIs are essential components of software interoperability. Properly designed and implemented APIs allow one program to securely access another program’s data or operations. The program that provides the data or service and the program that accesses the data or service have no knowledge or dependency on the other. 

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