Concept Introduction

What is a Data Asset?

A Data Asset is a structured, comprehensive and validated database of information which has been built for a specific use case and in response to a problem
Build for purpose

Purpose-built Data Assets are designed to meet specific business requirements as defined by the customer & use cases, oriented to solve specific problems.


Data Assets which include all the data points which are necessary, relevant to the specific use case.


Data Assets which have been created from valid sources which are relevant, up to date and can be audited.


Data Assets which are constructed and designed according to a defined plan in order to address a specific use case.

Why are Data Assets Important?


  • The Lack of Data leads to losses & inefficiencies for businesses
  • Valid & comprehensive data is difficult to come by
  • Organizations have lots of gaps in their existing Database. They almost never fill them
  • Expensive apps, system & platforms and no investment in data
  • Tech & Data Departments don't align well with each other


  • Banks & FIs suffer frauds due to lack of KYC, monitoring & timely alerts
  • Supply Chains, Purchase and Costs are inefficient due to inadequate 360 view
  • Enhancing ops and productivity is onerous without relevant data
  • Outreach to potential customers is difficult leading to loss of sales



Buiding Data Asset for specific business goals, such that it is created, enhanced, transformed or collated to contribute to sustainable business revenues