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This week, we begin with a story on how Data-As-A-Service market tends to grow further due to technological advancement and innovation. The next article discusses the challenges faced by stakeholders in cross-border payments. The following story explains how synthetic data sets resemble real data sets while maintaining the privacy and making it easier to create algorithms. This is followed by an article by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, which published its report on cybersecurity technologies and techniques. The next article is on the latest decision by the Spanish court, where location data was held as personal data. Lastly, we have a piece about PostgreSQL, which is one of the world’s most widely used database systems.

How Big Data-As-A-Service Market: Projections and Regional Outlook, Set for Rapid Growth and Trend by 2023 To 2029

Big Data-As-A-Service Market 2023 Report Insights – By Applications (Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Public Sector, Media and Entertainment, Others), By Types (Hadoop-as-a-Service (HDaaS), Data Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS), Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)), By Segmentation analysis, Regions and Forecast to 2028.

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The Challenges Of Address Data In Cross-Border Payments

There is no doubt that the entire financial services industry is experiencing massive disruption right now, and globalization is the driving force behind that change. The growth in cross-border P2P, B2C and B2B transactions is exposing issues built into traditional payment rails – and fraud/identity solutions. One of those areas is address data. 

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What Is Synthetic Data — And How Can It Help You Competitively?

Companies committed to data-based decision-making share common concerns about privacy, data integrity, and a lack of sufficient data. Synthetic data aims to solve those problems by giving software developers and researchers something that resembles real data but isn’t. It can be used to test machine learning models or build and test software applications without compromising real, personal data.

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Protecting Data: Can we Engineer Data Sharing?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) celebrates the Data Protection Day and explores how technologies can support personal data sharing in practice.

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Location Data Is Personal Data- Noyb Wins Appeal Against Spanish DPA

The Spanish Courts annulled a past decision by the Spanish DPA (AEPD). The AEPD had previously argued that Virgin telco, a telecommunications provider, had lawfully denied its customers access to their location data. noyb argued that location data was personal data and must therefore be disclosed under the right to access. Now, half a year later, both the AEPD and the Audiencia Nacional sided with noyb.

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What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is one of the world’s most widely used database systems in the world, offering support for not only structured query language (SQL), but JSON as well, making it a great choice for database-driven enterprise applications. In this database programming and database administration tutorial, we discuss what PostgreSQL is, its relation to SQL, and the benefits of working with the hybrid database system.

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Source: https://mailchi.mp/zigram/data-asset-weekly-dispatch_09_january_1

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