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This week we start with an interview carried out by Fintech Magazine regarding the significance of data technology in the credit ecosystem. Next is an article on the importance of efficient data privacy laws for the United Kingdom to gain an edge in today’s modern data-driven world. Following this, we highlight the role of enhanced data in making supply chains smarter and more risk resilient. Next, we have a piece on big data, alternative data, and how NLP and other AI techniques can lead to better investment opportunities.  After this is an article about how satellites may soon map the location and size of every tree worldwide. To end, we have a video report by CNBC, on how campaign apps are being used in the USA to gather voter data for political advertisement targeting.

Experian: alternative data sets are crucial to modern credit

FinTech Magazine(FM) held a Q&A with Alpa Lally (AL), Vice President, Data Business, Consumer Information Services at Experian North America, to find out how the credit ecosystem has evolved, which technologies are being leveraged, and the importance of alternative data sets. 

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You’ve heard of tax havens. After Brexit, the UK could become a ‘data haven’

The United Kingdom is at a crossroads. On the verge of Brexit, it has to decide where it stands in relation to privacy: will it loosen data protection regulation, moving more towards China’s model, or will it guarantee its citizens’ right to privacy, moving more towards a Californian approach and securing a data adequacy agreement with the EU?

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The role of data in smart supply chains

Businesses need to put technology, processes and governance frameworks in place to help them organise the data they generate and gather so they can use that data more effectively to operate smarter supply chains.

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The Next Level of Alt Data

Alternative data isn’t a new idea, but what’s new in alternative data and how it’s being used always makes for an interesting conversation. It’s especially enjoyable if that conversation is with Laurent Laloux, Chief Product Officer, Capital Fund Management (CFM).

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Satellites could soon map every tree on Earth

Terrestrial ecosystems are defined in large part by their woody plants. Grasslands, shrublands, savannahs, woodlands and forests represent a series of gradations in tree and shrub density, from ecosystems with low-density, low-stature woody plants to those with taller trees and overlapping canopies.

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How Presidential Campaigns Use Apps for Data Collection

Campaign apps are on the rise. Downloaded by organizers, volunteers and even just fervent supporters, users give these apps lots of valuable information, like access to their contact list, GPS and Bluetooth data.

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