Climate Risks, Financial Crime, Facial Recognition, American Express, Vulnerable People Database and Third-Party Cookies

This week we begin with an article about an open-source climate data project called the OS-climate project, lead by the Linux Foundation, that seeks to disclose and minimize the “climate risk” faced by companies. Next, we have a video that investigates anti-money laundering databases, uncovers how these databases gather data, and the negative impact on the reputation of companies incorrectly included in these databases. Following this, we have an article on Clearview AI, the controversial facial recognition software that is being used by over 2,400 police agencies in the US. Then, we have a story on credit card company American Express creating financial datasets using deep fake technology that train machine- learning algorithms to spot credit card scams. Next, we cover how the Scotland Police had to remove approximately 500,000 records from the Vulnerable People Database (VPD), over concerns of citizens’ data being shared with other public bodies. To end, we have a piece on Google removing third-party cookies, that make website user data available to Ad-Tech companies, in a bid to maintain the privacy of website users.

The open source movement takes on climate data

As GreenBiz co-founder and Executive Editor Joel Makower wrote earlier this week, many companies are moving to disclose “climate risk,” although far fewer are moving to actually minimize it. And as those tasked with preparing those reports can attest, the process of gathering the data for them is frustrating and complex, especially as the level of detail desired and required by investors becomes deeper.

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The Database: Collecting the world’s financial data

What do you do if your bank account suddenly gets closed and you and your business can no longer function – and you have no idea why? You discover it is because you are on a database that you did not even know existed, saying that you have links with “terrorism” and therefore few banks will deal with you.

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Clearview AI CEO says ‘over 2,400 police agencies’ are using its facial recognition software

More than 2,400 police agencies have entered contracts with Clearview AI, a controversial facial recognition firm, according to comments made by Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That in an interview with Jason Calacanis on YouTube.

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Why American Express is trying technology that makes deepfake videos look real

American Express is testing technology that is best known for helping create deepfake videos—realistic clips of people saying things they never really said—to fight financial fraud.

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Nearly 500,000 Scots removed from police database

The records of nearly 500,000 people have been deleted from a Police Scotland database designed to protect vulnerable people, new figures show. The list allows officers attending incidents to add people who they consider to be at risk of future harm.

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No More Third Party Cookies, No Problem

Much has been made about Google doing away with third party (3P) cookies in an upcoming release of their Chrome browser (estimated in 2022) which represents 2/3rd share of the browser market. Apple’s Safari browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser already block third party tracking cookies.

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