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23 February 2024

RBI’s Fintech Scrutiny Unveiled: Quick Facts In 7 Minutes

RBI has escalated its scrutiny of Fintech companies in the wake of compliance lapses, exemplified by its recent actions against

20 February 2024

Is UAE Set to Exit the Grey List? Read About Its Success in Achieving FATF Compliance!

In a significant development for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), reports in October 2023 indicated that the UAE was on

15 February 2024

ESG Due Diligence: A Comprehensive Approach For Responsible Business Practices

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are increasingly influencing investment decisions, strategic approaches, and overall reputation. ESG due diligence, the

6 February 2024

Best Practices For PEP Screening

Screening politically exposed persons (PEPs) is a critical component of compliance. Financial institutions use PEP screening as an essential tool

30 January 2024

Money Mules In An Instant Payment Environment: Navigating The Risks And Challenges

Money mules play a crucial role in the process of cashing out the proceeds of fraud, making it essential for

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