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This week we begin with a plan presented by China’s State Council to create a National Integrated Government Affairs Big Data System by the year 2025, which is projected to make millions of government data sets accessible from a single location. Next, we have a piece sharing interesting updates by Google involving bringing BigQuery & Apache together, making Analytics Hub available generally, Looker Studio & Remote functions, which will help data engineers a lot. Following that, we have an article describing the role of the digital financial twin in making significant breakthroughs for assisting with the resolution of various financial management & KPI-related problems. After that, we have a write-up explaining database virtualization as a powerful catalyst for IT since it accelerates database migration, optimizes workloads & consolidates database stacks. Next is a story about bogus text messages pretending to be from Amazon that steal personal information & has taken advantage of the 300 million active global accounts of Amazon customers. Finally, we have an essay about how data-driven approaches can make software engineers more productive & helps an organization in using data to refine operations and deliver more efficient results.

China Outlines Plan For National Integrated Government Affairs Big Data System

China’s State Council has outlined a plan to create a National Integrated Government Affairs Big Data System that, by the year 2025, is expected to make millions of government data sets available from one place. The outline explains that governments at all levels across China have already contributed to a data catalog that details more than three million government data libraries and more than 20 million information items.

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Updates In Google Cloud That Make Data Engineers Happy

In October, Google released many interesting updates that should make life easier for Data Engineers in particular. One of the bigger and more interesting updates was that Google is bringing BigQuery and Apache closer together. Also very interesting is that Google makes Analytics Hub now generally available. Another innovation also concerns BigQuery but also the Business Intelligence solution Looker Studio (previously Data Studio).  

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Why Your Company Needs A Digital Financial Twin

To win in today’s complex business environments, companies must utilize large volumes of data to inform decision-making. The ability to automate the management of this data is crucial to realizing its value fully. This is driving the need for business transformation with digitization and advanced business models that address rapidly changing expectations and regulations. Essential to any business success is having the right data to make rapid and precise decisions in this quickly changing environment.

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Why Companies Are Turning To Database Virtualization Amid Market Uncertainty

A recent Fortune survey found that over 80 percent of CEOs are preparing for an impending recession. Although the shape and depth of this downturn are still subject to discussion, many large enterprises have already shifted into high gear to cut costs wherever they can. In all of this, IT is a critical cost center. Its budget seems to be always one of the first to attract scrutiny in times of crisis. The cost of databases has risen over the past several years as businesses have explored more ways to leverage data across all departments.

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Fake Amazon Text Seeks To Steal Your Personal Data And Rip You Off Blind

There are so many ways to get tricked into giving up your personal information that it’s scary. The latest scam takes advantage of the 300 million active global accounts (200 million global paying customers) that Amazon has. If a scam artist could somehow trick a small percentage of Amazon customers into giving up some of their personal information, he could probably put himself in a position to steal plenty of money by making unauthorized purchases.

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5 Ways A Data-Driven Approach Can Benefit Engineers

Software engineers are in a constant fight for efficiency. Whether teams are conducting scrum sprints or implementing a DevOps approach, the end goal is improving productivity and delivering better software, faster. Just about every industry is using data to achieve that end, but surprisingly — 19 years after Michael Lewis published Moneyball and brought data-driven decision-making to millions of everyday readers — many developer teams still fail to fully integrate data into their operations. 

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