Analyzing geospatial information is where the next big space bucks are.

One of the biggest problems and opportunity areas in Data Assets is geolocation. With delivery, taxi aggregators & traffic applications/startups – geolocation services have become integral to the urban user. However, larger areas remain untapped. Solutions on climate change, poverty, human trafficking, water, agriculture, supply chains, energy, public utilities, and disaster response require geospatial data at the core. One could ask, that if the technologies and data exist, which they largely do, then why is the development of such “Big Problem Products”, so limited? Part of the answer has a simple if somewhat technical explanation. Such solutions will develop when different data assets… (a) Under-Ground (water, minerals, geological, seismic, etc) (b) At-Ground (traffic, population, topographic, etc) (c) Over-Ground (air, spatial, temperature, wind, etc) …can be combined using compatible data standards, with defined skill sets and tools. This is where marketplaces and exchanges, being built by startups like UP42, fill a critical gap.

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