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This week, we begin with a story on how AI machines are gaining popularity through increasingly sophisticated machine learning models. The next article discusses legislation that is being considered to improve data sharing within the public sector in support of the identity verification system used by the UK government. The following story discusses the United States International Trade Commission’s new Investigations Database System, which collects, organizes, and displays data connected to investigations. This is followed by a data breach at Norton LifeLock, which allowed criminal hackers access to customer password managers. The next article is on the digital revolution in healthcare that promises better health and longer lives of people. Lastly, we have a piece about how open energy data can improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions and energy bills.

The Real-Time AI Data Race Is On

Machines are smart. As we now apply an increasing amount of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our machines through increasingly sophisticated Machines Learning (ML) models, our machines are getting smarter all the time. But it’s not enough. We don’t just need more intelligence, we need it according to specific vectors.

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Cabinet Office Looks To Expand Public Data Sharing For Digital ID

The Cabinet Office has launched a public consultation on inter-departmental data sharing in support of the UK government’s digital identity plans to make verification easier online. The Government Digital Service (GDS), part of the Cabinet Office, is currently working with other departments to build a single sign-on and identity-checking system for all public services.

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USITC Launches New Investigations Database System

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today deployed the Investigations Database System (IDS), an innovative new data management tool that captures, manages, and displays USITC investigation-related information.

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Norton LifeLock Says Thousands Of Customer Accounts Breached

Thousands of Norton LifeLock customers had their accounts compromised in recent weeks, potentially allowing criminal hackers access to customer password managers, the company revealed in a recent data breach notice.

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Why We Need To Unlock Health Data To Beat Disease

The digital revolution in healthcare offers the promise of better health and longer lives for people around the world. New digital tools can help doctors and patients to predict, prevent and treat disease, opening the door to personalised medical care that is cost-efficient and highly effective.

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Banks To Turn To ‘Open Energy Data’ To Help Customers

European households are paying more than ever for electricity and natural gas. This is a major contributor to the cost of living crisis that people are experiencing. One impact is that retail banks are coming under more pressure to help customers.

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