AI Diagnosis, Location Data, Unemployment In USA, Hedge Funds and Data Breach Coaches

This week we begin with an article on how a lack of data has hampered promising Artificial Intelligence solutions for diagnosing COVID-19 cases. The next piece is on Google using location data to determine adherence to stay-at-home and social distancing measures. After this, we have 6 charts that showcase the rising unemployment in the United States. Then we include a story about a Singapore based hedge fund that has successfully leveraged alternative data, by taking short positions in a pandemic driven stock market. Lastly, we have an article about companies seeking assistance from specialized attorneys and negotiators in the event of a data breach in their organizations.

AI runs smack up against a big data problem in COVID-19 diagnosis

Researchers around the world have quickly pulled together combinations of neural networks that show real promise in diagnosing COVID-19 from chest X-rays and CT scans. But a lack of data is hampering the ability of many efforts to move forward. Some kind of global data sharing may be the answer.

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Google uses location data to show which places are complying with stay-at-home orders — and which aren’t

Google is using location data gathered from smartphones to help public health officials understand how people’s movements have changed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a blog post early Friday morning, Google announced the release of its COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports.

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How coronavirus has changed US employment, in 6 charts

Unemployment rates, hiring, working from home — the pandemic is changing everything about the state of work. The novel coronavirus has led to unprecedented employment situation in America — one that’s only beginning to show up in the data. In an effort to combat the spread of Covid 19, cities and states around the country have called for many non-essential businesses to shutter or at least adjust their operations. 

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Hedge Fund’s Big Short Shows Why Alt-Data Demand is Surging

Before the coronavirus sent stock markets tumbling at the fastest pace since the 2008 financial crisis, Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore) Pte sensed trouble.

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When hackers kidnap their data, companies are increasingly using ‘breach coaches’ and negotiators

It’s a nightmare scenario for many executives: Finding out that your company’s computers have been infected with ransomware that’s holding critical data hostage. Cyberinsurers can help providers recover from digital attacks or even make ransom payments to recover lost data.

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