A Billion Medical Images, TikTok, Personal Data Pricing, AI For Hollywood, Alternative Credit Data & Data Annotation

This week we begin with a story on how over a billion confidential, patient privileged medical images are lying on unprotected servers across hospitals. After this, we include an article about the pressure put by governments on social media apps like TikTok, for their user data. The next piece is about the value of personal data and why it is critical to ensure its fair pricing. This is followed by a story on how Hollywood production companies are making critical, time consuming and mind numbing assessments on upcoming projects, by leveraging AI. After that is an article about the increasing usage of alternative data by banks and credit unions as non-traditional credit data. We end with a video about the critical role played by data annotators, in helping build the very foundation of practical Artificial Intelligence solutions.

A Billion Medical Images Are Exposed Online, As Doctors Ignore Warnings

Every day, millions of new medical images containing the personal health information of patients are spilling out onto the internet. Hundreds of hospitals, medical offices and imaging centers are running insecure storage systems, allowing anyone with an internet connection and free-to-download software to access over 1 billion medical images of patients across the world.

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India And US Top List Of Data Requests From TikTok, According To New Transparency Report

Under pressure for its alleged ties to the Chinese government and other security concerns, the developers behind TikTok published the company’s first “transparency report” on Monday, December 30, 2019. The report showed the number of requests for user data, content removal and copyright takedowns from governments around the world.

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Personal Data Is Valuable. Give Pricing Power To The People

Today, people fuel the digital economy with vast streams of data but have virtually no power to demand fair compensation for it. The companies collecting all that data exert full control over the market, raking in billions of dollars without concern for the value of privacy. 

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Warner Bros. Outsourcing Decisions To Greenlight New Films To AI Doubles Down On Worst Hollywood Instincts

Let’s get the jokes out of the way first: “I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords and look forward to fifty-seven Matrix sequels where [PLOT TWIST] the robots are now the good guys!” But, seriously, the news that Warner Brothers is adopting a new AI system to help it greenlight new films is as scary as it is dumb as it is banal.

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Nontraditional Credit Data Could Bring Loans To More Consumers

Banks and credit unions competing with fintech online lenders and other rivals who use ‘alternative data’ may need to join them to keep up. While federal regulators have loosened up enough for traditional lenders to explore this broad set of new tools and techniques, some worry that compliance mines await the careless.

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Data Annotators: The Unsung Heroes Of AI Development

Nowadays, everyone seems to be building artificial intelligence, but no one talks about one of the most important aspects of the work: data annotation. The people who are undertaking this time-consuming, boring task without the flare that usually encircles A.I. Without their dedicated work, it is impossible to develop algorithms.

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Source: https://mailchi.mp/zigram.tech/data-asset-weekly-dispatch-13-january

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